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Toronto VR lounges like VRPlayin has regular competitions
VRPlayin Contests
Regular competitions keep you coming back for more. We kinda took all the beer though.
Beatsaber Ready
One of the easiest games to get into is BeatSaber. It's VR Guitar Hero that'll have you moving and swinging at boxes of course.
Toronto VR Lounges also come with their stock of drinks
Personal VR world
A booth and some beer...I'm sorry, did you need more?
Have you even VR Though?
Coming out from a session will have you wondering why the graphics aren't as good in real life.

V-R Playin nownew worlds behind googles

The space-time continuum starts with one thing, an expensive piece of headgear. So that’s it, if you don’t have a VR headset there isn’t much to talk about…

That is until you visit one of Toronto’s VR lounges below that will gladly take your money. A place to channel your inner child. Something you forgot existed after doing your first Taxes…

Putting on a headset will immediately traverse you into a space where anything is possible. Sort of reminds you of those long car trips, or maybe that time you took some shro….uh, nvm.

Toronto VR Lounges like VRPlaying provide great fun
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I want to try a Toronto VR lounge.

To find a local VR spot to lose yourself to if you are in Toronto, VRPlayin (Spadina & College) (See what they did there?) is a great place to start.

You’ll be able to pay by the hour or wait for one of their daily specials because that’s smart economics.*

Any location below that you go to will start you off with a super short tutorial.

So non-gamers don’t fear, we all look dumb together for the first time.

Then once they tell you to close your fist, you will have the power in your hand…or most likely just a controller.

Toronto VR lounges has been expanding but VRPlayin is the cleanest setup yet. It’s well planned and fully featured.

*Thursday’s you can buy a drink and get a free 20min session. So for $30, you’ll get 3 drinks and an hour of gameplay….can’t tell me anything’s wrong with this.

They have dozens of games to choose from, friendly staff to get you by and of course booze for when you just can’t get past that level in Beat-Saber.

Call this a Friday night out with the squad, or maybe get some date night points by doing something different.

Now the important stuff 
The Games,
The Adventure,
The Fun,
Something Different!

Why even bother playing, when Kensington bars are down the street? I hear you, but ask yourself: Won’t the bar still be open at 10pm?

What kind of gaming are you getting at a Toronto VR Lounge?

Defend a cube against an army of robots using a katana, shotgun and bow. Run along walls and double jump off while shooting at masked ninjas.

Or use the force within you to play Guitar hero with lightsabers.

Maybe surviving a zombie apocalypse with limited ammo is the heart pumping action you need.

There is something for everyone to enjoy.

No need to worry about motion sickness either. Hearing from someone who gets sick if you run around him too fast, he was able to survive an entire session.

Also some locations have you physically moving as well. Rather on a “treadmill” at VRDistrict or wirelessly through an arena at Awaken Battlegrounds.

Seems easy to choose between having some Kernels as a story unfolds in front of you, and being thrust into a world where you fight off zombies, robots, and some fruit?

It’s a choice I don’t need to make for you and something you can enjoy solo, duo or in a group.

The VR experience is what you owe yourself to try; then you can thank me later. 

Toronto VR could be the perfect date night out

Toronto VR Lounges:

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V-R playing with something special

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