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Festivals in Torontoinsight into all things Beer & Food

- Practice safe distancing and follow your local advisory warnings. -

You may be too busy hibernating after watching a full season of The Witcher on Netflix. But there’s an assortment of winter Toronto festivals that’ll keep you going until summer hits.

Drink responsibly, arrive safely! Rideshare discounts are the best way to get around.

Due to on ongoing current COVID-19 cases around the world and the high transmission rate between humans, please assure yours and everyone around safety by limiting exposure to others, consistent hand washing, and following Health officials news bulletins  recommendations. This is important for all of us!

- The Roundhouse Park -
February 1

Ski Googles check. Snow boots check, slopes…not needed here. Bundle up in your brightest gear as we start the year off right.

This recap video will show you exactly what to expect at the Winter craft fest. Beer is the reward for those willing to venture out in any weather.

- Evergreen Brick Works - 
March 1 & 2

The biggest indoor festival for the season is enough reason to get out of the house. So you can stop all that yelling, come indoors and stay warm.

150+ reasons why you should probably leave the comfort of your bed. Each one is beerier than the last, so there’s no excuse to be hibernating.

- CRAFT Pub -
March 1

This goblet of fire is being filled with beer and booze. Some would say that is better for us muggles, I say…I agree.

Magic Cloaks, time watches and wands; all hard to get your hand on. The easy part is getting your chalice ready for the next pour.

The pub will transform itself into the type of magic that would get the grinch smiling.

- Daniels Spectrum - 
April 2

This annual community event welcomes all beer lovers from across the GTA. You will walk through the community and find ample shops with discounts on beer, wine and cider selections.

It’s a calm way to enjoy the outdoors of spring, all before the fury of events in the summer.

*Be advised the date is unconfirmed and will be updated as more information is released*

- Roy Thompson - 
April 25

Sexy heels and that nice blazer seems to be the perfect combo for a drink night. It’s not your typical festival at $150+, but you’ll be sampling some of the greatest spirits you can find.

Upscale events like this doesn’t imply a lack of booze and pinky waving. You will have a great time boozing it up with fellow compadres while enjoying exceptional food and an assortment of spirits. 

Just don’t leave out doing cartwheels down John St…

*Pricing based on previous years event. Will update once information is released*

- Daniels Spectrum - 
May 18 & 19 - May long weekend

It may be hard to believe now, but the heavy jackets will disappear sooner than you think. That means it’s time to stop hiding and get ready for summer again.

The precursor to the main event in July; the spring session is great to get beer-ready for the summer season. You’ll be enjoying running around finding that sample that’ll be your beer of choice for the year.

Don't let the beer miss you cause your off Bear Hibernating

Am I missing a Toronto festival you know about, comment below. Don’t keep it to yourself, we need to try them all. It’s better to share with everyone!

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Toronto festivals Upcoming for beer & food

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