Teching out your gift listFor yourself and maybe one other

For some, arriving home to a new Amazon box at the front door is the best part of the day. What’s better is when you forgot you even ordered tech gifts for yourself..

It’s like Christmas any day of the year.

That’s why I came up with a small selection of tech that I’ve been using that you may want to add to your stash at some point this year.

*Making a purchase through these links will slide some credit my way. However, I have purchased each of these and have not been sponsored to sway my opinion. Not that I’m ethical, I’ll gladly take a bribe here or there. Kidding…..maybe…

Getting Airpods or the new Sony headphones isn’t in everyone’s budget, I will accept these gifts though. 

Luckily Anker has a great pair that is very forgiving on the bank account. I find that they look just like airpods anyways while I am wearing them.

They have touch controls on each ear piece, lasts 20hrs with the case and charge really quickly. Get it now with $20 off what I paid for them.

Soundcore Liberty

One of my favourite things that I have gotten yet has got to be this big boy speaker.

It’s a super impressive sound, with monster durability. And most importantly the car will start up after the party now that I use this 50w sound box.

It can get up to 24hrs of playtime, quick charge, waterproof, stereo sound, extra bass setting and an internal 8000mAh battery. You now hold all the power of sound.

W-King BT Speaker

It’s now the end of another decade and everything is charged by USB. It’s about time we moved past the conventional plugs holding up our walls.

That’s why I have started to convert my outlets so it can charge by USB/USB-C. I don’t have to keep looking for a plug, now I just have to find those damn cables.

And if you’re running more older devices than your uncles Buick, you can even supplement the outlets with this 2 pack of standard USB wall outlets as well.

USB Wall Outlet

Wireless is going to be the way to go soon, and then after that comes WiFi charging. Yep, tech is amazing.

But for now I can recommend the wireless charger from Bial. It looks like it’s Apple made and charges as fast as wireless can go.

The only thing I would add is an on/off button to make it just a stand when charging isn’t necessary. But if you have a phone from the past 3 years, you need to get one of these for sure.

Wireless Fast Charge

If you haven’t noticed a theme towards the end, everything needs charging. And you can’t put a price on having too much power.

Or maybe just a modest price with this Luxtude power bank. It’s got PD charging for all us USB-C users. A great add to any tech gifts order.

Powerful enough to power a Nintendo Switch while playing or a laptop while working. This 26,800mAh bank is all you need for the road. Or spend a bit more for the one from Anker with a 30w charger included. 

Luxtude PowerRapid PD

Tech gifts are for

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