Summer DrinksYou Need To Try At Least Once

The heat has gone up so it’s time to move the drinking outdoors. And while there are many spots you can grab a quick drink. Kicking back on your own time is sometimes the answer you need for summer.

I’ve been enjoying a number of drinks so far, so here are a few that I’ve really liked. Find one you like and make a run to LCBO. 

Cause it’s Summertime which is all day beer time. Grab a drink and call in, cause there’s no Working during Drinking hours.

#RBlog is where you get the festivals to hit up.

No Boats On Sunday

A summer day without a cider is a problem one should not live through. And if you haven’t tried one before, No Boats is a perfect starting point.

As a dry apple cider, this 500ml bottle brings a unique summery taste worthy of any occasion. Almost wish I kept this one a secret, but I’m a cool guy.

Be the BBQ hero and pull one out of the cooler, but be ready to share one with me. And if you can find the other two flavours, you’re winning.

Muskoka Tropical Wheat

When you need some hop to your cottage days, grab this summer-Seasonal brew while it’s available. It’s subtle, but still reminds you that you are Canadian with its Summerweiss craft taste.

Go ahead and bust out the tropical wheat with its fruity kicks of mango and passion fruit. You may find that this addition is not going to be one of your mistakes this summer.

Pop Shoppe Hard Soda

A Montreal native, this drink has been a summer staple since the first pizza fest I went to. Mostly because of its wide range of flavours and 7% kick cause we just aren’t kids anymore.

Rocking its retro 80’s drive-in style and intensely satisfying flavour. Pop Shoppe has turned their classic into a more fun adult drink. So while poolside you may find yourself 5 in and not even realize it.

Relax Riesling

Any picnic you find yourself in, or just backyard slummin’, a good wine should not be far from reach. And with a Riesling, you will get those white grapes that make a wide range of sweetness. 

As not much of a wine drinker myself, Relax has become a go-to when looking for something to fill to the top. It is a crisp, cool and refreshing wine and while super easy it also boasts intense flavours of apples and peaches.

You don’t need any pairings to bring this bottle out; but you will find yourself in that summer mood when it’s done.

Georgian Bay Gin Smash

Snoop Dogg may have been half onto something here. However, Gin and Tonic is not the only way to go these days.

If you are looking for something that embodies Summer & Festival season, you don’t have to go much further than this delicious Gin Smash.

An award-winning pre-made cocktail in a can, it is not overly sweet but still delicious. You can serve it over ice or straight from a can, and if you fancy, get the vodka smash instead. If you don’t want to share this one, I understand.

Try em all out but don’t just end it here. Toronto has an astounding number of unique spots that you will absolutely love. From volcano tiki drinks to shark vessel cocktails, there is for sure something different that is perfect for summer.

Subscribe below for notification on the next post about Toronto bars that you need to hit up. Every Reckless Summer make sure you’re trying something different, you will never regret finding a new drink you love.

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