Pokémon Go:The Walk To Catch 'Em All

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New Quests and activities…”Wasn’t that just a phase?”

“You still play that game?” “Didn’t that die and life moved on?”…That’s the typical response I get when I mention this game.

Pokemon intro "you teach me and I teach you" "pokemon"
Walking home from school and catching the intro with a bowl of cereal be like....

Pokemon Go has been on my phone for the last 4years and in that time I have gotten to LVL 38.

For a “fad mobile game”, it has been a relatively free experience. Though I have spent a minor amount of microtransaction…I really wanted those incubators…

This isn’t a Pikachu novel, I’m just going over a few of the new things added to the game.

Gather up we’re raiding.

It’s the new focal point of the game to battle heavily boosted Pokémon. And brings people together and talking again – Ye, remember when humans did that.

We finally have a lite-co-op feature, that involves a real-life group experience to an otherwise individual effort.

Where Battling together is out of necessity and not just optional, you are rewarded with being able to capture them afterwards.

Raids are also where you will encounter legendary Pokémon like the big birds: Moltress, Zapdos & Articuno. And with each generation slowly rolled out more and more to add to the pokédex.

Exclusive ‘EX’ Raids have the sought after legendaries like MewTwo. These require rare passes that are given to trainers who regularly complete regular raids at specific gyms.

These are where you see the biggest group of players gather as it is a raid that happens every 2-4 weeks. And only at the selected gyms in the neighbourhood.

"You’re forming real friendships with them. Friendships are sticky. That’s probably the secret sauce of the game, right there."
John Hanke
Niantic CEO
Legendaries Mew Mewtwo Celebi in a cave pokemon
Mewtwo once only available from EX raids. With Mew and Celebi only acquired through discoveries...

We wanted more to do, so now we have Events.

Throughout the year Niantic introduces new themed events. Each one brings with it different tasks to complete and items to collect.

Every month we get a Community Day. A 3-hour weekend event that increases the spawn rate of a selected pokémon during that window.

Encouraging players to walk around with the hopes of getting a special move only available during this time.

This concept alone has accomplished what Nintendo has sought after since the game boy days. Bringing a large community out of the house, walking and playing together outside.

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Goodbye mundane experience, hello Quests and discoveries…

A welcomed rejuvenation to the way you play the game. Quests add an additional layer to just catching pokémon over and over again. 

After 7 daily quests you are able to capture a Pokèmon with a unique move or legendaries. Giving Rural players a better chance at legendaries, where Gyms may be scarce.

Discoveries are an added adventure of a series of tasks towards unlocking ‘elusive’ mythical pokémon like Mew, Celebi and more.

New Worlds Ahead…

Niantic just-released Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which overlays its fictional world on ours. And has people waving wands in a digital AR world much like throwing pokéballs in parks. 

Also their original world immersion game, Ingress, recently received its own massive update.

But you asked why am I still playing? because, why not? I can catch and interact with a nostalgic world while I walk around.

With a multitude of events that have passed and a lot more upcoming. It gets you moving when you typically wouldn’t even think about it. Exploring new places all to spin a stop or catch a pokemon.

It’s not for everyone, but I appreciate that it’s a game that involves socializing and walking around. And guess what, people have been coming back each month. As it had a new $175m milestone month in August

With each new content drop, there are new and more reasons to keep playing. With that, we are now in Generation 5 of Pokémon. So, I am ready to complete my Pokédex, again.

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  • Pokémon Go: The walk to catch ’em all

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