The name of the game is to get discounts and credits on everything. Here I will be sharing some of my free credits or discounts I can get my hands on. The discretion here is that the majority will be credits and referral links. I do make some credits back for successful referrals. Consider this as my lunch and beer money when not selling ReckGear shirts online. Thanks for reading. Now check out what you can get credits towards.

*I just feel like I should put that out in the open.


If you want to get around town and are looking to do it on the Lows. Try clicking the link above, and see where it gets you. Uber has been my transport app of choice with its wide list of drivers and ubiquitous nature it gets the job done. 

Open app, Set destination, confirm pick up point, wait for a little car on the map to meet your dot. Ride, then jump out and move about your event. No cards, no change, no bills no worries. But you do get charged. life isn’t all free.


Maybe you are from the states visiting our fine city, and LYFT is more familiar than this UBER stuff. Well, I got some credit for you. Click the link above. Creeping into Toronto is a new ride-hailing app and it is looking to bring it back to the roots of why ride-sharing apps were created.

The same concept as above except you wait for the cute pink Beats-pill like sign to pull up instead. It’s another modern twist to whistle down a ride, especially handy for those people that can’t whistle…Ye, I am working on it alright.


RBlog readers always get first class…or at least some credits off of lunch, which is equally as good. Buy lunch and earn credits for more lunch, or just get a head start with the link above.

Ritual is used weekly here to bypass all lunch madness and get food quickly and get back to work…fine, we just want to get back to our beers…mostly my beer, ok I like to sit on a patio and bird watch most of the day. Ok you got me, just click the link already.


If you are travelling into Toronto, or you are trying to escape. I would definitely recommend doing it via AirBnB. And with the $45 credit, you start off with via the Link above, you are well on your way to sleep well on the cheaper than hotel costs. Though, now there are some extravagant stays you can choose around the world. So spend as little or as much as you want.


The cloud is scary, I get it, Heights and well. Buy using it for storage is great. So don’t hesitate, give it a try if you haven’t already by clicking one of the links above.