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Quarantined & ThristyMix your own drinks

- Practice safe distancing and follow your local advisory warnings. -

During these times of isolation, we are limited to being indoors.

And although we are practicing being adults (or maybe that’s just me) there are some benefits to adulting while staying inside; and that is our control over our environment.

That said, if you happen to be WFH it can make the simple things – Like break time – a little more…..indulgent. 

When last has your mornings been spiked up a bit as you head into work…in your PJs…while having your Coffee? This is our life now.

And all it takes is adding a shot of whiskey or for a smoother taste Baileys/Khaula.

But yest still, maybe I could peak your interest by further by suggesting to instead use a cherry liqueur mixed with some chocolate syrup. Once you get used to these mornings, I don’t think you can go back to just a “double-double”.

  • Cup of coffee
  • 1oz cherry liqueur
  • 1 or 2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup

Add whipped cream if you’d like, but here you’ll have sweetness from the cherry playing nicely with the chocolate flavour that smooths out the bitterness of the coffee.

Basically, all I’m saying is to go ahead and pour that liquor into your coffee. Because let’s be honest, if not now, then when?

While having spiked coffee is great sometimes, at other times you’ll want a little more. As per some of the things you can do, making drinks could be an entertaining way to spend an evening or get through lunch.

It’s great being able to decide when happy hour is.

While we are not able to pick up supplies as readily as before. Here are some simple drinks you could make with the stuff you may already have on hand.

Quarantine Rush

There has been many Quarantine drinks that you have been seeing. So of course there’s gotta be a ReckGear spin on it. Kepping it simple with whisk(e)y (historically known for its cold fighting traits) and some OJ with Honey syrup.

Honey syrup is simple, 1:1 honey to water in a sauce pan, bring to a boil then chill.


The doctor said eat more fruit. So we can count this one right? Aptly named after the fruit for it’s colour resemblance, it could be the doctors prescription you were looking for.


This is a sweet tasting shot, that is not light on alcohol. A Gin & Southern comfort combo that leaves you reminiscing of the University days.

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Jack Hammer

Smartly named for being a drop shot. Depending how you want to make it, this could be a fun one to make. The fun factor choice is in your hands.

Darth Jäger

The dark side is strong in this Jäger x Cider drink. It’s simple yet optically sound. Embrace the force within you! 

5 easy drinks while being isolated. These days have allowed us to have a drink at 9:30 am as if we were on vacation.

Why not take advantage of these liberties since Friday nights aren’t the same right now. You’ll be able to make a drink for two…even if it is just for one.

Remember make the drink your own. Don’t like the spirit, change it. Want a different flavour make it your own way. Ultimately this is your bar – you can drink how you’d like.

Let me know what drinks you come up with or what I should make next while we all practice at being a safer society amidst the current world issues.

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Drinks You Can Make During the Quarantine

by Shayne Reading Time: 4 min
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