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Some of us have been confined to the isolation of our homes. But this doesn’t mean we are limited to what we can be drinking.

While most summers I would usually post a list of Toronto festivals to attend.

Now I have a few 6 pack ideas below that are full of ciders, beers and the in between.

Your trainer will also appreciate you working on your 6 pack.
Coleman rolling cooler

A cooler like this from Amazon is something that you may like to have around as well.

It holds 42+ cans with a domed top so you can over drink pack for the future journeys.

This has thoroughly been researched to be travel ready.

Linked to an affiliated link…how else are pockets supposed to be filled

Now rather you befriend that neighbour you’ve been ignoring for their pool access or sneak out for a cottage getaway. You are looking for a lazy way to end off summer.

To that end, I’ve put together a selection of drinks from the LCBO, YMMV, that’ll help get you by no matter the plans.

Recky Giraffe has put in a lot of work developing the science. I didn’t question it; the report seemed solid. So trust in him, he’s a Giraf-entist.

Stay Local, mom said goods things are at home.

  • Ace Hill Pilsner
  • Flying Monkeys: Hoptical Illusion
  • Great Lakes Brewery Canuck
  • Shillow Beer Snob
  • Lost Craft Revivale
  • Old Tomorrow CPA

Different enough to make the cooler interesting.

  • Upside IPA
  • Sons of Kent 8 Track
  • Flying Monkey Sparklepuff Triple
  • HopCity 8th sin
  • Hustle Over Hype
  • StFeuillien

Go beyond the borders and get international.

  • Sapporo
  • Modelo Especial
  • DAB
  • Guinness Hop House 13
  • Grolsch Lager
  • Kozel Premium Lager

Light in the cooler, but you may still fall over.

  • Michelob Ultra
  • Land Shark Lager
  • Kronebourg 1664
  • Coors Slice

“Don’t think about, just grab it, fillers”. You’re welcome.

  • Belgin Moon White
  • Reinharts Red Strong Apple
  • Coors Banquet
  • Canadian Club Gingerale
  • Guinness Blonde
  • Amsterdam Space Invader IPA

Off-beers for the rest. They need something too.

  • Waterloo Raspberry Radle
  • D’ont Poke the Bear
  • Smirnoff Berry blast
  • Bootleg Whiskey Cider
  • Bud Light Radler

Do you have better options you typically get, or have any comments on these. Let me know below what you’ll be drinking during these different times.

Maybe I’ll even make this a more regular update as I find more.
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